Understanding the Basics

Although I am sure this sentence will be entirely ignored by those hell-bent (sorry this is supposed to be dinner table appropriate) “fixated” on having political arguments, this is intended to be nonpartisan. Let me say that again, nonpartisan. I don’t really care to hear your political views right now (although it’s possible you care far too much about other people hearing them). Plus it would just be futile to try and change your views, no matter the platform used for the attempted persuasion. And I have some science on my side.

The best part? It doesn’t matter your political view, or even if you hate the word “science.” The point is that you have your political views and I have mine (although any sign of them here is incidental and accidental). I know I won’t be able to change your views no matter how hard I try or how many blog posts I write. Political arguments are just one of those things where no one wins, so why have another one here? If you are “fixated” on reading partisan news, opinions, and editorials of any kind or flavor, I would humbly suggest going to your Facebook newsfeed. No judgments here.

If you are still reading this, you are interested in learning something deeper about how this 241-year-old political experiment that we call the United States of America is supposed to operate. No Agenda and the posts contained within it will hopefully provide a basic, neutral, and easily digestible explanation of some of the mechanisms at work in politics today. The United States Constitution encapsulates the numerous powers and provides different tools to each of the government’s three branches. No place is better to start than the President’s executive actions.

What does it really mean when the President signs an executive action? What even is an executive action? What powers does the Constitution grant the President for executive branch? Check back here soon for those answers and more.

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