No Agenda is the product of too much “fake news” and built upon a hope and a dream. A hope that one day citizens will arm themselves with information and a dream that people still exist who want to receive knowledge, especially if it is given to them without an agenda. While everyone these days seems to have a political opinion, few seem to understand the underlying mechanisms that the United States Constitution empowers to different branches of the government. However that basic information is mandatory for every law student when the American Bar Association requires passing a constitutional law class. If you like lawyers, are married to a lawyer, or think lawyers are snakes in the grass, they are every race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, etc. and certainly necessary if you find yourself in need of legal help. No Agenda hopes to bring some of the basic constitutional law knowledge of a law class in response to both current events and broader topics. In relaying the same information that is taught to both Republicans and Democrats alike, No Agenda’s goal is to provide an unbiased, nonpartisan, reliable, and truthful exploration of the powers and tools at the disposal of each branch of the government.

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To contribute, No Agenda’s contact is NoAgendaWeb@gmail.com